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FAQ – Frequently asked questions, answers and contacts

Need to resolve some kind of situation? Want to know how to proceed? It is likely that someone has inquired about a similar problem before. So why not take a look at our frequently asked questions and answers below.

I want to expand my leased spaces, who shall I approach?

Contact Michaela Čálková, CBRE s.r.o., tel.: +420 725 779 655, e-mail: michaela.calkova@cbre.com

I’d like to get myself a parking space in the garage , who do I need to deal with regarding this matter?

 Information regarding parking spaces in the garage will be provided by the Management Department, Mrs. Svadbíková, tel.: +420 725 714 127.

The lights don’t work, the power supply is switched off and there is a technical breakdown in my office. How shall I proceed?

Approach the administration of the CITY TOWER, STRABAG Property and Facility Services directly, tel.: +420 222 751 141, NON-STOP service +420 724 910 582.

Your reguest/problem report here: Helpdesk STRABAG

Who is in charge of  security in the building, who do I need to contact regarding this matter?

 Contact CENTR GROUP, tel.: +420 222 751 120.

There is false data on the office lease invoice, how can it be corrected?

 Corrections will be made by the reception desk – Management Department, Mrs. Svadbíková, tel.:+420 725 714 127.

How can I book a place at the Aureole restaurant?

 You can do so by dialling the telephone number +420 603 401 200 or by sending an e-mail to info@aureole.cz taking you directly to the operator of the Aureole restaurant, AUREOLE, City Tower, 27th floor, www.aureole.cz

Where can I find the offer of dishes and beverages and the Sodexo catering facility menu?

Yes, you can find this at test.citytower.cz in section 03 – Operational Services, on the Sodexo Menu menu, or directly on Sodexo’s website, http://citytower.portal.sodexo.cz/cs/uvod, tel.: +420 222 533 912.

Is there a café in the CITY TOWER where I can have coffee or tea?

 Yes, you can drink 100% Fair Trade and BIO coffee, including NUMI exotic teas, at the Aspretto café in the entrance lobby on the ground floor of the CITY TOWER, tel.: +420 222 533 912, website http://citytower.portal.sodexo.cz/cs/podprovoz

I plan to hold a conference. Who do I contact to reserve spaces at the Avant Business Centrum conference centre?

Contact the Avant Business Centrum conference centre directly, 27th floor, tel.: + 420 605 176 219, e-mail: info@avantbusinesscentrum.cz, website www.avantbusinesscentrum.cz

Where can I find up-to-date information, news or notices for lessees?

Have a look at test.citytower.cz, section 03 – OperationalServices, page News and Events, Events in the Lobby.

I need to get in touch with the car wash, what are the relevant contact details?

CLEAN & STYLE, tel.: +420 725 834 854, e-mail: info@cleanstyle.cz

I have not found an answer to my question, where can I get it?

Contact the reception desk of the CITY TOWER, tel.: +420 222 751 111, e-mail: recepce@citytower.cz. If your question might be of any interest to other lessees too, we will publish it in this FAQs section along with the answer.

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